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Video surveillance

Protection and security by means of security cameras

ASTREC observes at a remotely the images to analyze the risks associated to a release of alarm or within the framework of a preventive action.
In case of characterized behavior, ASTREC is capable of calling directly Law enforcement or fire brigades, without calling on inevitably to a participant on alarm.

The video surveillance also allows to modulate the level of security according to the risks through rounds of video surveillance, video escorts of individuals or a remote video surveillance.

The ways given to realize these services:

  • 4 ADSL accesses and SDSL “top-debit” dedicated and reassured.
  • Reassurance of the video flows by VPN.
  • Possibility of storage of the remote images.
  • Fixed IP addresses for the remote connections.
  • Screens of video surveillance dedicated for every call center agent.
  • Wall of video images with identification of the risks.
  • Compatibility with the main video surveillance systems of the market.
serveur_video camera_de_surveillance

The recording of the video images can be realized, either on a video installed on-site server, or on distant servers situated in places highly secured by ASTREC.
The video surveillance is an effective and complementary answer to the electronic installation of security to allow to limit effectively the risks of disaster, thefts or vandalism …
ASTREC accompanies each of his customers in the implementation of architecture of video surveillance with the procedures of management of the images.