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The systems anti-intrusion

A system anti-intrusion consists of detectors, a power plant and detectors:

  • Wired: a wiring system connects(binds) the various devices between them,
  • Wirelessly radio or infrared: devices are fed by piles and communicate between them by electromagnetic waves propagating in the air;
  • Mixed: detectors are fed by piles, the other devices, by the electric current and communicate between them by radio waves.

The system of detection serves to inform the power plant of an attempt of intrusion:

  • Perimetric: put on a door or a window, he reacts to the vibrations, to the shocks and to the opening;
  • Volumetric: it detects a presence by infrared (detection of the heat emitted by a human body), hyperfrequency (detection of movement) or both (bi-technology). In this case, the detection is validated by a detection of heat and a detection of movement.

The power plant receives by radio the information emitted by detectors and remote controls. In case of detection, it activates the functioning of the devices of dissuasion and alert (towards a power plant of surveillance).

Sirens and sirens-flash (siren completed by a twinkling light signal) are the main dissuasive elements.